Claudia McShane, RealtorŪ

We found Claudia to be a diligent realtor and kept us abreast of all contract changes. She was very pleasurable, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. I would highly recommend her to either a first time buyer or a seasoned buyer.

We, the buyers, tend to work with quite a few realtors and also in the industry, we represent a Mortgage Co. and talk to both buyers and sellers representatives, and would not hesitate in recommending Ms. McShane in any transaction.

- David Gomez/ Beacon Mortgage Lenders

My wife and I wish to convey my appreciation for the outstanding service that Claudia McShane has rendered during the purchase of our house.

We initially looked at properties near the city center for restorative work. Claudia diligently researched and found several canditates. She accompanied us as we examined the properties and provided us with her candid opinions. She displayed great patience with my wife and I as we meticulously debated the merits and problems with each property. This would have driven most agents to distraction as they want the quick sale and easy commission.

When we decided against older properties and decided to look elsewhere, she shifted the focus of the search without complaint and provided us with numerous listings. We eventually settled on the house on which we closed on 9 April.

Again Claudia demonstrated patience and poise under pressure as we dealt with rather difficult sellers who almost cost us to withdraw our offer and purchase our second choice instead. To say that the sellers angered my wife and I would have understated our sentiments. Her strength saw us through and we closed on the property. The experience provided a testament to her skill as a negotiator and conciliator.

In short, Claudia answered our questions and fulfilled all of our requests very promptly without complaint and with great patience. She more than earned her commission, which, I might add, did not suffice for the amount of efforts she exerted in this transaction. She is the ultimate professional and you should be proud to include her in your firm. I will recommend her without reservation to anyone who seeks a realtor.

- Major Thomas H. Eshman II

A special thanks to your agent, Ms. Claudia McShane, for her professionalism in locating and arranging the purchase of our home in the "Woods of Shavano" in San Antonio. It is refreshing in these troubled times to find an agent, that not only has an immaculate reputation for honesty and integrity and service to her clients, but also the can do attitude of Ms. McShane. At no time did she ever complain or show a reluctance to do anything but her best to accomodate us. This is commendable and should be acknowledged.

Thank you and Ms. McShane again for your service to us, I will certainly recommend her with confidence to anyone who needs a very professional agent to handle their real estate needs.

- William B. Pratt Jr.

We have been meaning to write you ever since we moved into our new home. We apologize for taking so long to let you know how much we appreciate you. First, thank you for finding and helping us purchase and move into the condo at Lafayette Place. It was as you said, a very nice comfortable community. We were very pleased with every thing there. We just didn't realized how much we loved being in the country. It was just not us.

When we called you to put the condo on the market, after we found our home in the country, we were expecting a wait of a few months to sell and thought we would have time for a slow quiet uneventful move. Instead we sold right away, got a price we were happy with and although we were rushed a bit it was a good move and we are very pleased to be in Medina County.

Claudia, you were the point of stability in both our moves and we appreciate your professionalism, your personality and the care you gave us through it all. It was certainly a pleasure dealing with you. We are not anticipating another move or real estate transaction in our life time, but if anyone asks us for a referral for a Realtor you can rest assured we will recommend you without hesitation.

- David and Shu Robinette

We would like to thank you and express our deepest regards for the exceptional efforts your realtor, Claudia McShane, has shown us during the sale of our property. Seldom have we seen, in this day and age, another person put this much effort into helping someone else. Her dedication and professionalism are truly noteworthy, and we congratulate you on having such a capable and wonderful person on your team.

We tried selling our property ourselves and met with a very dismal response. Never would we have guessed the difference a professional realtor could make. We were simply amazed at the multitude of responses we received, after turning the process over to Claudia.

Her ideas were excellent, and her advice to us was priceless. Her confidence and knowledge helped us over several critical hurdles, and with her help we made the right decisions ant the right time. When the buyers of our property made several demands that would have made us panic, her responses and demeanor kept everything on an even keel and in no time at all lead to us selling the property for a price we were thrilled with.

We could not have asked for a better representative in our real estate dealings, and wish to commend you for having an excellent person like Claudia McShane on your staff.

- Rod & Dorothy Edwards

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